-Ashley Louise.
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thepiethief asked
Also, generally people that are happy usually just concentrate on their own lives and success instead of always trying to harass and bring down other people who are happy and trying to get on with their lives and be happy. So anyone who bullies or tries to 'drag you down to earth' obviously has their own issues and unfulfilled lives that they should be putting all this energy into instead of interfering in other peoples lives. Those who are happy are peaceful, not angry or jealous!

Trust no one


Never been one to go by the motto “trust no one” but as each day passes i feel like i should…everybody jus talks down about each other and then they choose the worst moments to speak out and they claim they are trying to help but why would u contribute to slander and verbal abuse and then try to…


if you think black women wearing their hair natural is unprofessional you are racist.